What is Sage BusinessVision (BV)?
Designed to fill the gap between entry-level and complex high-end systems.  Sage BusinessVision Accounting offers sophisticated business management and accounting systems packed with innovative features, productivity-enchancing benefits, and a range of customization options.

Sage BusinessVision includes up to 18 fully integrated modules right out of the box!  You start off with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Point of Sale, Payroll and many other powerful modules.

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Enchanced Usability

RECONCILE ACCOUNTS MORE QUICKLY AND EASILY - Sage BusinessVision 2010 software includes an updated Account Reconciliation module that provides greater flexibility when reconciling accounts, searching transactions, and clearing items.  You can also review the check details included in the reconciliation process using the new Search by Check Number feature, which allows you to easily sort or search for the check you want to review.
ENSURES YOUR CHECKS PRINT CORRECTLY EVERY TIME - Verify that your checks have printed successfully at the end of the check printing process using the new prompt to reprint checks feature.
NEVER MISS AN IMPORTANT NOTE - Don't miss important information about customers, vendors, items, employees, and other components.  Sage BusinessVision software now clearly indicates when components have notes assigned as well as the number of notes saved for each component.
ACCESS DESIGNATED PRICING QUICKLY - Quickly and easily find the prices assigned to customers and vendors from one simple search.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 technology now includes cusomer and vendor specific prices in the Find Utility.
KEEP AN EYE ON THE STATE OF YOUR DATA - Ensure your BusinessVision data is healthy using the new Data Validation utility.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 application can scan your database to ensure the integrity of your data and warn you of potential problems.
EXPERIENCE EASIER WORKBOOK SIGNOFFS - Need to have supervisiors sign off on transactions?  Sage BusinessVision no longer prints dates in workbook fields by default, making the signoff process more intuitive and tracking employee signoffs even easier.
STAY IN BALANCE WITH GENERAL LEDGER JOURNAL SUGGESTIONS - Speed up journal entries with general ledger journal suggestions.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 software displays the necessary amounts to blance entries on subsequent lines.  Speeding up data entry and helping to ensure your entries are in balance.


EASILY RECORD A REQUIRED BY DATE FOR INDIVIDUAL LINE ITEMS - Gain even more control over when individual items on orders need to ship or when individual items on purchase orders are expected.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 technology allows you to record the date required for each item on an order instead of one date for the entire order.
SEE MORE INFORMATION AT A GLANCE - Display the information you need when looking up customers, vendors, products, and other components.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 allows you to add even more fields to browse, allowing you to display the information you need to better serve your customers and vendors.
CLEARLY SEE WHICH INVOICES HAVE BEEN REPRINTED - Sage BusinessVision 2010 technology adds a reprint label to the invoices you reprint for customers, making a clear paper trail for the documents you generate for customers.
ENSURE FREIGHT COSTS ARE COVERED ON PARTIAL PAYMENTS - When receiving a partial payment on your invoice, do you prefer to charge customers for freight before goods on the invoice?  Sage BusinessVision software now provides you with the options needed to ensure freight costs are covered before partial payments are applied to invoice items.


RECONCILE ACCOUNTS MORE EASILY - Sage BusinessVision 2010 technology makes reconciling your accounts even easier with the revised Account reconciliation report.  In addition to displaying your cleared and uncleared transactions, you can easily compare your account balance to your general ledger balance on a single report, helping you keep your books in order.
VERIFY INVENTORY VALUE AT A GLANCE - Balance your inventory against your General Ledger balance easily, for the current date or any previous date using the new Historical Inventory Value Report.
QUICKLY ACCESS THE REPORTS YOU PRINT FREQUENTLY - Gain even quicker and easier access to your commonly printed reports using report groups.  Sage BusinessVision 2010 technology lets you create report groups and then assign individual reports to your groups, making it easy to locate the reports you commonly print and helping you keep a close eye on the most important aspects of your business.



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